November 23 • David

We cut backstage to Matt Riddle and Finn Balor warming up for later.

Finn Balor vs. Matt Riddle

We go to the ring and out first comes Matt Riddle. Finn Balor is out next. Fans are hot as they begin the dueling chants.

Riddle charges first for a takedown but they go into the ropes. Balor laughs Riddle off. They lock back up and Riddle goes for a quick submission. That goes into a 2 count after they tangle. More back and forth on the mat now. They get up and Balor ducks a kick. They face off again for some cheers. They lock up again and Balor keeps control on the mat. They fight back up and Riddle hits the big gutwrench slam, and another. Riddle misses another slam and Balor rolls him for a 2 count. Riddle catches a kick and drops Balor with a right.

More back and forth. Balor with a basement dropkick for a 2 count. Balor keeps Riddle grounded again. Balor rocks Riddle for a 2 count. They go to the corner and Balor delivers strikes. Balor beats Riddle down in the corner and stomps away. Balor charges and hits a big Hesitation dropkick in the corner. Riddle kicks out at 2. Riddle keeps Balor grounded in the middle of the ring and works him over on the neck and head now.

Riddle gets sent to the floor. Balor launches himself out, taking Riddle down on the floor with a kick to the jaw. Balor slams Riddle’s face into the apron over and over. Balor comes back in for a 2 count. Balor keeps Riddle down with boots now, mostly to the face. Balor is taking his time with beating Riddle around the ring.

They get up and Riddle unloads with quick strikes. A roundhouse drops Balor. Riddle keeps going in the corner and hits an Exploder suplex. Riddle with more signature offense and the Bro-ton for a close 2 count. Riddle with kicks into the corner. Riddle charges in the corner with a big running forearm. He tries again but Balor rocks him. Balor comes back with a flying forearm of his own. Riddle blocks the Slingblade. They tangle and Riddle catches the overhead kick. Riddle keeps the leg locked and applies the ankle lock but Balor is still resisting it. Balor finally gets the bottom rope to break the hold. Riddle kicks Balor while breaking and some fans boo him.

Riddle goes for a second rope German but Balor hangs on. Balor looks to fight back but Riddle keeps rocking him with kicks. Balor runs the ropes but his ankle goes out as he’s hurting. Balor ends up exploding with a huge dropkick out of nowhere. Balor with a big German now. Riddle hops right back up, yells at Balor and drops him with a knee. Riddle with a German into a bridge for a close 2 count.

More back and forth now. Balor with a double Stomp and a Slingblade for a loud mixed reaction. Balor charges again but Riddle catches him out of nowhere with a big Spear. Riddle brings Balor to the middle of the ring and hits the big Jackhammer for a close 2 count. Riddle scoops Balor for a Tombstone but it’s blocked. Balor keeps fighting off Riddle’s holds, then hits the 1916 in the middle of the ring. Riddle still kicks out at 2. Balor stomps away on Riddle out of frustration now. Riddle scoops Balor and hits the big Bro 2 Sleep.

Riddle takes his time but goes to the top as fans pop. He goes for the Floating Bro but Balor gets his knees up and Riddle lands bad. Balor follows up with a big dropkick in the corner. Balor goes for the Coup de Grace but he lands bad due to the ankle injury. Riddle pulls Balor into the Bro-mission. They tangle on the mat now. Riddle lands a huge kick. They get up to keep fighting again but Balor counters and hits a bigger 1916 in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Riddle looks on from the mat as Balor stands tall and looks out at the crowd. We go to a break.

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October 2 • David

NXT Title Match: Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, Cole sits up and raises his arm as The Undisputed Era’s music hits. Cole takes the NXT Title and raises it in the air as he stands back up. We go to replays. Fans chant “Undisputed!” as Cole stands tall with the title. The music interrupts and out comes Finn Balor to a huge pop. Full Sail Live goes wild and does Balor’s entrance with him. Cole looks on from the ring. Fans chant “holy s–t!” at Balor. Balor stares Cole down as a “welcome back!” chant starts up. Balor says as of now, he is NXT. Fans chant “NXT!” now. Cole and Balor have a few words off the mic as Cole backs out of the ring. Balor’s music hits and he celebrates with the crowd as Cole talks some trash from the ramp. Balor is back in NXT.

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July 14 • Devin

Finn Bálor vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Finn Balor makes his entrance to a big pop. Balor is not coming in as “the demon” tonight, but in his normal leather jacket and all black gear. Balor still has one of the better entrances in recent memory in NXT or WWE. Speaking of pops and great entrances, out comes Shinsuke Nakamura. As Balor reveals a smile at Nakamura’s popularity, we head to break before the bell rings. This show has done a fantastic job of making this feel like a huge match.


A “this is awesome” chant breaks out as we return. The lights lower and we get full blown ring announcements for both competitors.


Balor and Nakamura trade lockups as they feel each other out early. Nakamura rests his head on Balor. Finn doesn’t take it lightly and does “too sweet” right in Shinsuke’s face. Lots of stiff kicks and strikes from both men as the pace remains methodical to this point. We head to break.


We return to a quick two count cover. Finn Balor takes out the left knee of Nakamura. Balor continues to work the knee with a submission. Nakamura fights out but eats a front drop kick from Balor for a two count. Big chops from Balor to Nakamura in each corner of the ring. Another big blow to the knee and goes into a modified surfboard. Balor uses the double stomp for a two count. Finn stays in control with a heel hook but Shinsuke makes it to the ropes. They trade strikes but Nakamura uses the injured knee for a reverse strike that takes down both wrestlers. Nakamura strikes Balor repeatedly with the injured left knee and takes down Balor. Nakamura delivers the patented knee lift to Balor for a two. Balor hits a shot that sends Nakamura to the outside. Balor sends a swift kick to Nakamura’s face as we head to break.


We return with Balor delivering a double stomp for a two count. Balor applies another submission to Nakamura’s left leg but reverses. Nakamura sneaks into an arm bar and then a triangle choke! Balor gets his leg to the rope to break the hold. Nakamura gets in a flurry of strikes to weaken Balor. Balor recovers and does a reverse version of his “1916” for a 2! Nakamura regains control and lines up the “kinshasa” but Balor counters with a double stomp. The crowd begins chanting “fight forever,” and well they should. They trade extremely stiff shots in the center of the ring and Balor hits a slingblade! Balor kicks Nakamura do the corner to set up the “Coup De Grace,” but misses. Nakamura delivers a big knee from the second rope. Nakamura lines up Balor and hits “Kinshasa”! One, two, and three! Nakamura defeats Finn Balor in the battle of NXT icons.


Winner via Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura (Kinshasa)


Both men show each other respect after the match. You can feel a passing of the torch if Nakamura remains in NXT after the brand extension. Nakamura celebrates in the ring as we go off the air.


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July 7 • Devin

June 16 • Devin

Finn Bálor makes his way to the ring. He says the first time he saw NXT on TV he knew he had to become a part of it. He has gone to war with a litany of NXT superstars. After all of that, he is standing here without the NXT title. The question on everyone’s mind is what is next for him. A loud “Bálor Club” chant breaks out.

Bálor too sweets the crows. Bálor asks, the crowd what is next for him. Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits and he walks to the ring. Nakamura and Bálor shake hands. Nakamura too sweets and Bálor does Nakamura’s hand shakes taunt. Nakamura says when he was in Japan he watched Bálor become an NXT icon.

He knows Bálor is no longer the champion, but if he wants to be the champion he has to beat an icon. He has to beat, Finn Bálor. Bálor says Nakamura has answered Bálor’s question. What’s next for Finn Bálor is Shinsuke Nakamura! Nakamura and Bálor shake hands again and Nakamura walks away.


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Finn Balor

While you might know him as Prince Devitt“The Real Rock ‘n’ Rolla” or “The Real Shooter”, one thing’s for sure: Finn Bálor will offer the WWE Universe something they’ve never seen before. Born and raised in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland; Finn is not your average WWE superstar as he brings the wrestling experience of a man who competed in places like Mexico, the UK and Japan. He might not be the “Prince” anymore, but that won’t stop Finn Bálor from claiming his throne in the WWE as the resident Demon King on the NXT brand.

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