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  November 27th, 2022  
  Survivor Series WarGames Results – November 26th, 2022

AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor

Back to the ring after a couple of promotional videos and Finn Balor makes his way to the ring accompanied by Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio. AJ Styles is out next, accompanied by Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows.

They lock up and Balor with a waist lock. AJ with a reversal but Balor with a wrist lock and Balor gets to the ropes. Balor with a side head lock and then he breaks and pushes AJ. They lock up and Balor with a wrist lock. AJ with a front face lock and Balor backs AJ into the corner. Balor with a break and he pats AJ on the chest. AJ blocks a kick and puts the leg in the ropes and kicks the hamstring. AJ with more kicks to the back of the leg. AJ with a kneeDT. AJ with an Irish whip and a back breaker. AJ with an atomic drop to the knee. AJ kicks Balor and punches him. Finn with forearms and punches. AJ with head butts and he sends Balor into the turnbuckles. Balor with a rollup and a springboard boot to the chest followed by springboard knees.

Balor sends AJ into the turnbuckles and chops AJ. Finn with an Irish whip and a back breaker for a near fall. AJ with forearms and a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Balor with an abdominal stretch. Balor sends AJ into the ropes and connects with forearms. AJ goes for a hip toss but Balor counters into an abdominal stretch.

AJ with clotheslines and a snap mare followed by a sliding forearm. AJ with an ushigoroshi for a near fall. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Balor with a double leg take down but he misses the double stomp. Balor with knees in the ropes and AJ blocks a kick. AJ with a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes. Priest gets on the apron and Dominik sends AJ face first into the apron. Gallows and Anderson surround Dominik and Gallows with an uppercut and Anderson with a kick. All four men not in the match exchange punches and brawl. Gallows punches Dominik and sends Priest over the ringside barrier. Gallows and Priest fight into the crowd and then Dominik sends Anderson into the crowd and AJ punches Dominik and sends him over the ringside barrier.

Back in the ring, Balor with a side head lock take down for a near fall AJ gets a near fall. AJ gets Balor up but Balor counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. Balor with Sling Blade. Balor sets for the running drop kick but AJ with an enzuigiri. AJ with a suplex into the turnbuckles. AJ gets a near fall. Balor backs AJ into the turnbuckles. AJ rolls through for a Calf Crusher but Balor rolls through to hit a double stomp. Balor kicks AJ. AJ gets to his feet and he tells Balor to hit him. Balor has a kick blocked and AJ with strikes. Balor with an elevated elbow drop for a near fall. Balor sets for a Styles Clash but AJ grabs the leg. Balor with a forearm and AJ with a Pele Kick. Balor with a Pele Kick and both men are down.

AJ with an Irish whip and AJ with a clothesline into the corner. AJ with another Irish whip but AJ is sent to the apron. Balor gets AJ on his shoulders and hits a double knee gutbuster for a near fall. Balor with an Ushigoroshi and then he goes for 1916 but AJ lands on his feet. AJ with a back elbow and he goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault into an inverted DDT and a near fall. AJ goes up top for a 450 splash but Finn moves and AJ rolls through. Finn with a running drop kick and he goes up top and misses the Coup de Grace. Finn’s knee gives out and AJ with a Calf Crusher.

Balor slams AJ’s head into the mat to get out of the hold. Balor with punches to AJ. AJ punches back and then they exchange punches. Balor with a chop and AJ chops back. Balor sends AJ to the apron. AJ with a forearm and he sets for the Phenomenal Forearm and hits it for the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ recovers and stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Balor is down in the corner as AJ barks some words at him, while the referee keeps the peace. AJ goes back to posing for the crowd to end the segment.


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  November 5th, 2022  
  WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Results

The Judgment Day vs. The O.C.

Balor & Anderson began the match, with Anderson hitting an uppercut on Balor. Anderson hit a dropkick on Balor’s knee before tagging in Priest, to which Anderson responded by tagging in Doc Gallows. Priest got Gallows in a headlock before the two collided with shoulder tackles. Priest punched Gallows in the face multiple times, but Gallows responded by hitting body shots on Priest followed by a clothesline on Priest. Styles tagged in, but Priest rained in a punch and stomps on Styles. Mysterio tagged in, but Styles greeted him with a back breaker followed by snap-mare kick on Mysterio.

Anderson tagged in and kicked Mysterio before hitting a pump kick on Mysterio in the corner. Gallows hit a corner splash, a body slam, and a running elbow drop on Mysterio before Styles tagged in and hit a vicious Brainbuster on Mysterio. Anderson tagged in, but mysterio retreated from the ring immediately. Anderson went to the outside, but Priest caught Anderson with a thrust kick. Mysterio got back in the ring and got a near fall on Anderson. Priest hit a leaping back elbow on Anderson for a near fall. Priest hit another elbow before hitting suplex on Anderson, with Balor hitting a springboard stomp followed by a springboard senton from Dominik.

Balor & Priest hit tag team offense on Anderson before Priest got a near fall on Anderson. Balor hit a snap-mare on Anderson before locking in a chin lock on Anderson. Anderson broke the hold and tried to tag in Gallows, but Balor launched Anderson to the corner with an Irish Whip. Anderson hit elbow strikes on Dominik & Balor but Priest attacked Gallows. Anderson hit a neck breaker and launched Balor out of the ring, but Balor attacked Styles to prevent Anderson from tagging in. Anderson hit a Spinebuster on Priest before tagging in Gallows. Gallows hit a hip toss on Dominik, a slap on Priest, a back elbow on Priest, and a pump-handle slam on Dominik. Anderson & Gallows went for the Magic Killer, but Priest attacked Anderson & Gallows.

Dominik rolled Anderson for a near fall before Anderson and Mysterio collided with a double lariat. Styles and Balor tagged in, with Styles hitting a lariat and a running forearm on Balor, a faceslam on Priest, a PK Kick on Dominik, and a Ushigoroshi on Balor. Styles went for the Calf Crusher but Balor reversed it with a Figure Four on Styles, but Anderson broke the hold with. running senton. Gallows and Dominik took each other out before Balor hit Bloody Sunday on Styles for a near fall. Balor & Styles climbed to the top rope and Dominik tried to interfere. Styles hit a superplex on Balor while Priest hit an electric chair on Anderson and Gallows HIT an electric chair on Dominik. Ripley slammed Styles onto the apron, allowing Balor to hit a shotgun dropkick and the Coup de Grace on Styles for the pinfall win.

Winner: The Judgment Day

After the match, The Judgment Day stands tall in the ring as the music hits. We go to replays.


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  October 8th, 2022  
  WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results

Edge vs. Finn Balor (I Quit Match)

Edge charges at Finn Balor immediately and starts attacking him before connecting with an elbow, and a swinging neck breaker to stay in control. The Judgment Day star responds with an attack of his own as he begins focusing on the knee of his opponent, yanking it across the second rope, and he then transitions into the Figure Four Leglock which they then go back and forth on. 

Balor then stomps away on Edge as he is trapped inside the ring apron, following it up with several kicks as he then slams Edge down onto the announce table repeatedly. The Hall Of Famer responds by throwing Balor into the ring post, but the momentum quickly changes with a Slingblade. However, Edge then steps up the brutality by simply driving Balor through the timekeeper’s barricade as they then begin brawling through the fans, as Edge then suplexes Balor onto the floor. 

Edge comes charging in with a hockey stick, attacking him with it, and he then locks in the Glasgow Grin on top of the kick-off show table, and they then brawl up the stairs as Balor then repeatedly launches Edge into a wall only for him to respond by sending Balor into the concrete overhang. The two then fight back down the stairs with Balor choking him on the handrail. 

The two then get back to the ring as Balor begins using a chair to dominate the situation, but Edge refuses to quit. Balor hits a side Russian leg sweep and locks in a stretch submission, which is then transitioned into a Crossface, but he still doesn’t quit. However, Balor then gets sent head-first into a chair that he propped between the two turnbuckles, and he follows up with the Edgeucator, but before he quits Damian Priest makes his way down. 

Edge fights him off, and he then Spears Balor through the ropes which wipes out Priest and Dominik Mysterio in the process. Back inside the ring Edge looks for a Spear but Rhea Ripley pops up and she handcuffs him to the top rope, allowing The Judgment Day to beat him down. Balor then brings out a kendo stick and starts attacking his back, yet Rey Mysterio then makes his way down, attacking Priest and Balor, but he then gets laid out by his own son. Meanwhile, back in the ring Balor is able to go back to dominating with the kendo stick, but Beth Phoenix then pops up, and she unloads on Balor with the weapon!

She takes out Priest as well while Dominik backs off, as she and Ripley then go back and forth brawling inside the ring as the Hall Of Famer Spears Ripley! She gets the key, and releases her husband, who immediately Spears Priest! Dominik then wants to shake his hand, but Edge hits a low blow just as Dom did to him in Cardiff, yet Balor attacks him from behind, only to then eat a Spear! He follows it up with another one, and Edge then connects with a third Spear!

Edge takes the bottom bar off a chair, but as looks to use it on Balor, Ripley knocks out Phoenix with brass knuckles. Edge tries to go to her aid but gets jumped by Priest, with Balor then hitting the Coupe De Grace, which he delivers three times in a row. Edge still refuses to quit, so Ripley goes to his wife who is completely knocked out, she sets up a chair under her head as Balor demands he says it, and before she delivers the blow, Edge utters the words. 

Winner: Finn Balor

Despite the fact Edge quit, Ripely delivers the conchairto Phoenix anyway as The Judgment Day then head out as medics and officials check on Phoenix.


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  September 3rd, 2022  
  WWE Clash at the Castle Results

Edge and Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio vs. The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor and Damian Priest) w/ Rhea Ripley

Bálor and Mysterio began the match as the legal men. Bálor started aggressively. Mysterio attempted to counter by using his speed. Mysterio connected with a headscissors. Bálor seemed rattled and tagged in Priest. Priest pointed to Edge, signalling that he wanted to face him. The fans wanted Edge in the match, so the “Rated R Superstar” tagged in. Priest connected with a big right fist to Edge’s face. Edge replied, and the fans went crazy for it. Edge launched Mysterio, who became the legal man, into Priest and Bálor on the outside. Priest managed to stop the momentum of Mysterio back inside the ring. Priest continued to apply pressure to Mysterio while disrespecting Edge in the corner. Bálor tagged back into the match, continuing to keep Mysterio grounded. 

On the outside, Mysterio managed to drop Priest on the barricade. Mysterio returned to the ring and tagged Edge in for the hot tag. Edge took out Bálor and Priest. Edge knocked Priest out of the ring. Edge sent Bálor onto the middle rope and connected with a 619. Mysterio followed it up with a splash, but Priest broke up the pin attempt by Edge. Edge connected with a spear to Priest off the apron to the floor. Bálor dumped Mysterio out of the ring. Bálor began to build some momentum. Dominik Mysterio entered to distract the referee. It allowed Mysterio to send Bálor to the mat. Ripley went to take out Dominik on the outside, but Mysterio took both of them out. Mysterio set Bálor up for the 619, but the Irishman countered. Dominik caught the boot of Bálor allowing Mysterio and Edge to take advantage. Edge landed the final blow by delivering a spear to win the match. 

Winners: Edge and Rey Mysterio via pinfall

– After the match, Dominik attacked both Edge and his father. Bálor, Priest, and Ripley laughed in the corner. The fans were left stunned and booed Dominik out of the stadium.


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  July 30th, 2022  
  SummerSlam Results – July 30th, 2022

No Disqualification Match
The Mysterios (Rey & Dominik Mysterio) vs. The Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor)

The Judgment Day makes their entrance first. We are shown their heinous assault on Rey Mysterio from Raw this past week. The commentary team notes that the group tried to destroy Rey Mysterio’s big moment. The Mysterios arrives next. Jimmy Smith notes the family has never backed down from any challenge. Rey and Dominik immediately go after Finn Balor and Priest who are waiting for them inside the ring.

Finn and Priest with punches and shoulders. Rey kicks Finn and Priest and then Rey with a satellite head scissors. Dominik sends Priest to the floor and then he sends Balor to the floor. Dominik with a suicide dive onto Priest and Rey with an Asai Moonsault onto Balor. Dominik sends Finn back into the ring and Dominik with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Rey tags in and they hit a double side Russian leg sweep. Rey sends Dominik onto Finn with a victory bomb and Rey gets a near fall. Rey with a wrist lock and Dominik tags in and he kicks Finn.

Dominik with a wrist lock and he hits a springboard wrist lock take down. Dominik with a forearm to knock Priest down on the apron. Priest with a knee to Dominik followed by a clothesline from Balor. Balor knocks Rey off the apron. Balor kicks Dominik in the corner. Priest tags in and Balor with a back breaker and Priest with a leg drop for a near fall. Priest with a rear chin lock. Priest with a kick to the head and he knocks Rey off the apron. Balor holds Dominik and Priest with an elbow into the corner. Priest with South of Heaven and Balor with a slingshot stomp to Dominik. Dominik with a suplex and he hits a suplex. Balor with an elbow.

Balor with chops to Dominik. Balor sends Dominik into the turnbuckles. Dominik with a clothesline and both men are down. Dominik rolls to his corner to make the tag and he does it. Priest tags in as well and Rey with a springboard cross body and a kick. Priest with an Irish whip but he misses a splash. Rey with a shoulder from the apron and a seated splash and drop kick. Rey knocks Balor off the apron. Rey with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog. Rey kicks Balor when Balor brings a chair into the ring. Rey hits Priest a few times with the chair. Rey with a sliding splash using the chair onto Balor on the floor.

Rey with a slingshot move and Priest catches Rey but Rey escapes and Priest with a super kick for a near fall. Priest goes for a choke slam but Rey counters and sends Priest into the ropes. Balor tags in and takes care of Rey with a Slingblade. Balor with a drop kick in the corner. Dominik grabs Balor when Finn goes for Coup de Grace. Balor kicks Dominik away but Rey stops Finn. Rey with a Frankensteiner for a near fall.

Priest sets for a power bomb on Rey but Dominik pulls Rey to the mat and Rey with an assisted head scissors that sends Priest into the ropes. Balor is drop kicked into the ropes. Rhea trips Rey and Dominik and then Rhea drops Dominik face first onto the apron. Priest grabs Rey and hits South of Heaven. Balor asks for a chair…

The lights go out and a flaming set of stairs appears by the entrance and Edge is back and has a customized Brood music as his theme. Edge makes his way to the ring and Balor and Priest forget they are in a match.

Edge with a boot to Priest and then he gets into the ring and spears Balor. Edge spears Priest. Edge sends Balor into the ropes and Rey and Edge hit a double 619. Rey with a splash and he gets the three count.

Winners: The Mysterios

Edge stands tall with The Mysterios as Judgment Day looks in disgust.

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  June 5th, 2022  
  WWE Hell In a Cell 2022 Results

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
The Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley) vs. Liv Morgan, Finn Bálor, and AJ Styles

It will be Rhea Ripley, wearing new attire, starting against Liv Morgan. They get into an argument, and everyone is in the ring brawling all of a sudden. Styles, Morgan, and Bálor clear the ring. Bálor and Styles send Morgan into Ripley for a hurricanrana. Morgan hits a running back elbow on Ripley before hitting a high knee. Morgan charges, but Ripley floors her with a head-butt. Ripley takes a moment to gather herself before hitting Morgan with a snap suplex. Ripley connects with a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count. Ripley attacks Morgan, but Morgan comes back with a missile dropkick. Ripley quickly retreats to her corner. Morgan then tags in AJ Styles. Styles wants Edge, but Damian Priest comes in.

The crowd loudly boos as Priest comes in the ring. Styles blocks a kick and quickly attacks Priest. Styles dropkicks him back, ducks a clothesline, and hits a Pele Kick. Finn Bálor tags in and punches Priest in the ribs. Bálor wrenches the arm before applying a side headlock. Bálor hits the ropes and dropkicks Priest in the knee. Bálor wraps the knee around the ropes, but Priest forearms him in the head. Bálor fights back and scares Edge off. Priest attacks Bálor and sends him out of the ring. Edge tags in. Edge takes Bálor down at ringside before bouncing him off the commentary table and the apron. Edge gets Bálor in the ring and attacks. Priest tags in and punches away at Bálor. Edge gets a cheap shot in. Priest hits a back elbow on Bálor before taking him down for a two-count. Edge tags back in and kicks Bálor in the ribs. Edge whips him hard into the corner, but Bálor soon fights back. Edge quickly comes back with a flapjack. Priest tags in and stomps Bálor. Bálor fights back, but Priest clotheslines him down for a two-count. Bálor tries to make a tag, but Priest counters into a backbreaker for a near fall. Bálor comes back with a nasty chop and an overhead kick.

Edge and Styles tag in. Styles attacks Priest, but Priest wasn’t ready or in position. Styles takes Edge down before slamming Priest. Styles hits a diving forearm on Edge before connecting with the ushigoroshi for a near fall. Ripley runs in, but Morgan gets her out of the ring. Styles knees Priest and knocks Edge back. Styles hits Edge with a Phenomenal Forearm, but Priest pulls him out of the ring before the three-count.

Ripley and Morgan tag in. Ripley counts a hurricanrana into a powerbomb attempt, but Morgan counters into a roll-up for a two-count. Morgan hits a crucifix pin for another two-count. Ripley quickly comes back with a nasty full nelson suplex. They fumble a power spot into a slam from Ripley for a two-count. Ripley goes for a Riptide, but Morgan gets out and hits a spike DDT. Bálor tags in. Styles and Bálor take down Edge and Priest and get them out of the ring. Styles and Priest hit stereo planchas before Morgan hits Ripley with a suicide dive. Bálor gets Priest in the ring and kicks him down. Bálor goes to the top rope, but Ripley crotches him up there. Edge tags in, but Bálor fights them off. Priest hits South of Heaven on Bálor before turning into a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles. Edge gets Styles out of the ring and goes for a Spear on Bálor. Bálor counters into an inside cradle for a near fall. Bálor hits Edge with a Sling Blade before hitting a Woo Dropkick. Bálor goes to the top rope, but Ripley distracts him. Morgan gets Ripley out of the ring. Bálor misses the Coup de Grace, and Edge hits a Spear for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Judgment Day


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