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  Monday Night Raw Results – August 22nd, 2022

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Dolph Ziggler now, asking how he plans to bounce back against Finn Balor after last week’s loss to Theory. Ziggler says he’s been doing this for a long time, lots of highs and lows. He admits Theory was the better man last week, but he just wanted to help Theory. He says Theory has the world in his hands but he’s just so arrogant and that’s the problem… Balor interrupts and Rhea Ripley is with him. Balor mocks Ziggler for the “respect the veteran of the locker room” speech and says Ziggler makes him sick. Balor says Ziggler is the same as Edge and Rey Mysterio as he attaches himself to the younger Superstars to keep himself relevant, saying he can teach them something. Balor says Ziggler can’t teach him anything, kid. Ziggler says they’re the same age and there’s one thing he can teach Balor… Ziggler quickly drops Balor with a slap. Ziggler heads off as Ripley tends to Balor. Ziggler puts his head back through the curtain and asks if Balor is coming to the ring or if he’s going to sit there like a little bitch.

We go back to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler for a pop. Ziggler poses on the apron as we go back to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

They lock up and Ziggler with a waist lock. Balor misses an elbow and Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Balor backs up and he connects with a knee and he sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Ziggler with a side head lock and Ziggler with a drop kick. Ziggler goes to the turnbuckles and punches Balor. Ziggler goes for a neck breaker but Balor escapes and gives Ziggler a double leg take down and punches. Ziggler is sent hard into the turnbuckles by Balor. Balor sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles again. Balor sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles one more time. Balor with a side head lock. Ziggler with punches and Balor with an Irish whip that sends Ziggler face first into the turnbuckles.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Balor with a side head lock. Ziggler with punches. Ziggler with a jaw breaker but Balor with a kick to the leg. Balor goes for a suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet and he connects with an uppercut. Ziggler with a kick and Balor misses a splash into the corner. Ziggler with a flying clothesline and then he punches Balor in the turnbuckles and hits a neck breaker. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Balor escapes a suplex and lands on his feet and hits an elevated elbow drop for a near fall.

Balor with boots to the chest. Ziggler counters sling blade into a rollup for a near fall. Ziggler with a kick and Balor with a power bomb to counter a Fameasser. Balor gets a near fall. Ziggler with a drop kick to stop a charging Balor. Ziggler with a DDT for a near fall. Balor blocks a super kick and Balor goes for 1916 but Ziggler lands on his feet and hits a Fameasser for a near fall. Balor avoids a Zig Zag and hits a drop kick that send Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Balor misses Coup de Grace and Ziggler with a Zig Zag for a near fall.

Balor and Ziggler exchange punches and Balor with a kick to the knee. Ziggler with a head butt to Balor and Balor grabs the referee and that allows Rhea to punch Ziggler. Balor with 1916 and Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor


We see THE Judgment Day in the back. Rhea says that they run Raw and they will continue to beat everyone up. Finn says that Dom is liking getting beaten up so much. Finn says that Rey is in his pocket. Damian says that the cheers for Edge will be big because he is returning home. The cheers will turn to screams when I send you back into retirement.

After Edge vs Priest, Edge gets two chairs and he sets for the One Man Conchairto. Rhea Ripley with a low blow to Edge. Finn Balor with Coup de Grace to Edge. Beth Phoenix grabs the chair from Balor and she is ready to swing at someone and she forces The Judgment Day to back up. Finn and Priest hold Rhea back as we go to credits.

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