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  Monday Night RAW Results – August 27th, 2018

Corbin also books himself to face Finn Balor right now and calls him out to the ring.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin takes control early by sliding out of the ring and back in to deliver a clothesline. He locks Balor in a submission to keep him grounded. Finn counters a sunset flip and hits a dropkick, but Baron picks him up and drives him to the corner. He knocks The Demon off the apron with a hard right hand. He rams Finn into the barricade before bringing him back into the ring. Balor tries to make a comeback, but one stiff punch lays him out. The crowd chants “You can’t wrestle” as Corbin runs right into a sling blade.

We return to see Balor beginning to make his comeback. Corbin blocks an enziguiri, but he gets taken down with another sling blade. The Constable counters a running dropkick with Deep Six for a close two count. Finn sends Corbin out of the ring and hits a huge dive over the top rope to take him out. Corbin grabs a chair, but Balor prevents him from using it. He looks at the chair for a moment but decides to hit a kick to the head instead. Corbin avoids the Coup de Grace and uses the chair to get himself disqualified. He grabs a mic and says he forgot to announce this was a no DQ match and orders it to be restarted. The bell rings and he nails Balor with the chair in the back. He hits The End of Days for the pin and the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

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