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  Monday Night RAW Results – January 1st, 2018

Kurt Angle is backstage on the phone talking to someone about the women’s Royal Rumble match when Finn Balor walks up. Balor talks about the WWE Universal Title and wanting to get it back. Balor announces himself for the Royal Rumble match. Angle asks Balor if he’s found partners for tonight’s six-man match against The Miztourage and Elias. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appear. Angle asks if Balor is serious. Balor says he’s stood with these guys before and it’s much better having them on your side. It sounds like fans in the arena are doing a “too sweet” chant. The Club does a “NERDS!” shout out before walking out.

Elias, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs. Finn Bálor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Back from the break and Elias is in the ring with a spotlight and his guitar. He talks about how WWE is his after what he did to John Cena last week. He goes on about winning the Royal Rumble and introduces his band mates for tonight, The Miztourage. They dedicate the song to The Miz, who will be returning next week. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas start singing as Elias plays and it’s horrible. Elias takes over but he’s interrupted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Finn Balor is out next. They pose together in the ring with a “too sweet” as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Axel works over Balor. Elias tags in and unloads on Finn. Elias dominates Balor and covers for a 2 count. Elias keeps Balor grounded and talks some trash while working on his arm. Balor finally gets in a double stomp to turn it around. Gallows tags in and unloads on Dallas as he also tags in. Gallows with a big boot and a running splash in the corner. Gallows turns Dallas inside out with a big boot. Gallows runs the ropes and nails a splash in the corner.

Axel runs in but Gallows drops him and sends him to the floor. Gallows runs the ropes and hits a splash for a 2 count. Elias breaks it up. Anderson takes care of Elias and runs him into the ring post. Gallows goes back to work on Dallas. The finish sees Anderson tag in for a Magic Killer on Dallas. Balor tags in and hits a Coup de Grace on Dallas while Anderson leaps out onto Axel on the floor. Balor pins Dallas for the win.

Winners: Finn Bálor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match, The Club stands tall as we return to commercial.

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