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  Monday Night RAW Results – March 18th, 2019

Over the weekend, Finn Balor and Stephanie McMahon spent time in Abu Dhabi in support of the Special Olympics.
Finn Balor wishes Chicago a Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day. The luck of the Irish was not on his side last week when he lost the Intercontinental Championship to Bobby Lashley. This stubborn Irishman doesn’t plan on being a former champion for too long.
WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley’s music cuts him off. Lashley comes out looking furious with Lio Rush by his side. Rush says it looks like the leprechaun is upset because Lashley has his pot of gold around his waist. Before they get this tag team match started, Rush wants Lashley to show the people his new favorite pose. It’s something they haven’t seen in a long time: a championship. Lashley holds up the Intercontinental Championship. Balor tells Lashley to enjoy it while he can because he plans on getting his hands on the title real soon. As for his partner, Rush will remember who he picked. This man plans on getting his hands on the both of them: Braun Strowman. Rush looks terrified.
Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush
Braun Strowman will start against Bobby Lashley. They lock up, but they’re at a stalemate. They try again, and Lashley shrugs him off and poses. Strowman then shoves him down and poses. Lashley tries for a shoulder block, but Strowman absorbs it and takes him down.
During the commercial: Strowman knocks Lashley off the apron, but Lashley gets back in the ring and punches him. Strowman takes him down and tags Balor in. Balor comes off the middle rope with a sledge to the shoulder. Lashley soon sends him to the corner, blocks a kick, and knocks him to the floor. Balor gets back in the ring, and Lashley slams him down. Rush tags in.
Back from the commercial, Rush kicks Balor before tagging Lashley in. Lashley quickly stops Balor from making a tag and applies a chin lock. Balor fights up, but Lashley takes him down with a reverse STO for a near fall. Rush tags in and goes for a sunset flip, but Balor rolls through and dropkicks him. Lashley quickly tags in and punches Balor down. Lashley then manhandles him and takes him down with a chin lock. Balor fights up and tries for a tag, but Lashley stops it. Balor boots him back and tries for a tag, but Lashley slams him into his corner. Lashley charges, but Balor sidesteps him and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Rush tags in, jumps over Balor, is scared back by Strowman, and takes a falling elbow drop from Balor.
Strowman tags in, and he quickly grabs Rush and wildly flips him over. Strowman then throws him across the ring twice! Rush is drooling in pain.
Strowman clubs Rush in the chest and lifts him up, but Lashley spears him. Balor attacks Lashley and gets him out of the ring. Rush then knocks Balor out of the ring. Rush quickly goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash, but Strowman powerfully kicks out. Rush looks terrified as Strowman gets to his feet. Rush runs away, but he’s cornered by Balor. Balor catches Rush, but Lashley knocks him down. Strowman then shoulder blocks Lashley into the crowd. Strowman gets Rush in the ring and shoulder blocks him down. Strowman then kills Rush with a chokeslam. Lashley walks off on his partner. Strowman then hits an emphatic Running Powerslam on Rush for the win.
Winners by Pinfall: Finn Balor and Braun Strowman

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