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  Monday Night RAW Results – May 1st, 2017

Seth Rollins makes his entrance to a really good pop. Rollins gets the crowd pumped up and asks to hear them louder. Rollins says he’s feeling good, too. For the first time in a long time, aside from getting his butt kicked a little bit last night by Samoa Joe, he’s feeling really good. The last six months have been like a rollercoaster, and the crowd has been with him throughout all of it. Sometimes you get to a point where you want to dig a hole and climb in, but you have to embrace the sucky part of life, look in the mirror, and figure out who you are and who you want to be. Rollins did that. He looked in the mirror and realized he’s still Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Everything kind of came full circle. At WrestleMania, he slaid the King of Kings. Last night, he took out Samoa Joe. There’s only one thing left to do. Rollins says, “I want The Beast!” A loud “YES” chant fires up. Rollins says he wants Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship. Rollins has been to Suplex City and isn’t afraid to go back!


Finn Bálor’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage smiling. Bálor says they’ve been on the same page recently. Bálor respects Rollins. Rollins is the one-legged man who won at WrestleMania. As for him, he’s the one-armed man who became the very first Universal Champion. Bálor gets in the ring and says Rollins remembers it. Bálor’s arm was hanging from his body, yet he still beat him. Bálor never actually lost the title, either. Bálor means no offense, but when it comes to facing Brock Lesnar, the line starts with him.


Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and he comes out to a very good reception. The WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. Ambrose says they all sound like a couple of chickens saying “Brock” over and over again. Lesnar fights when he wants, which isn’t often. RAW is about fighting champions, which is what he’s all about. The Intercontinental Championship is the #1 title on RAW now, and he’s anxious to get to some action.


The Miz’ music hits, and he comes out with his wife, Maryse. Miz tells them to hold up, and the crowd loudly starts booing him. If Ambrose wants to talk about action, Rollins and Bálor haven’t earned anything. As for Ambrose, he’s an embarrassment as a champion. Miz and Maryse get in the ring. If anyone deserves that title, it’s him. Miz is the one who made the Intercontinental Championship relevant and prestigious. Bálor says Miz is also the latest member of the “Finn Bálor just kicked my ass” club. Miz says Bálor cheap shotted him and it’s a coward. No one in the ring deserves to be the Intercontinental Champion. Miz defended it nightly. Ambrose wasn’t important enough to defend it at Payback last night. Then there’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Rollins used to be the man, but now he hobbles on one leg like the gimp he is. Rollins says he could still run circles around him. Miz says this isn’t a running competition. This is a WWE ring. In this ring, he beats people up. Miz says people hate him because he’s the biggest threat on Monday Night RAW. All three men tell him to shut up.


Ambrose says there’s a lot of mudslinging going on here. Ambrose says he will defend the title against anyone, and people like seeing Miz get beat up. Ambrose asks if the people of Sacramento would like to see Bálor beat up Miz. The crowd loudly cheers. Ambrose then asks if the people want to see Rollins beat up Miz. They loudly cheer again. Ambrose calls Kurt Angle on his cellphone. Ambrose says Angle was not happy he had his phone number. Angle made a match for tonight. It’ll be The Miz vs. Finn Bálor vs. Seth Rollins. The winner will become the #1 Contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose says, “It’s true… it’s damn true, baby.” Ambrose then walks off.

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Finn Balor is walking backstage when Dean Ambrose stops him for pre-match comments on if he’s nervous or not. Balor says he eats nerves and puts out results, and talks about how the Intercontinental Title will be coming to The Balor Club. Ambrose gives Balor a doughnut and tells him he needs to eat a carb. Balor takes a bite and walks off. Elias Samson “drifts” into the picture playing his guitar. He stops and Ambrose asks if he knows any Pearl Jam. “The Drifter” keeps walking as Ambrose keeps munching on a doughnut. Back to commercial.


Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match: Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Seth Rollins


We go to the ring and out comes Finn Balor for tonight’s main event. The winner of this match earns a shot at WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. We go to commercial.


Back from the break and out comes The Miz with Maryse. Seth Rollins is out next. The bell rings and Miz rolls to the floor with Maryse as fans boo. Miz encourages Rollins and Balor to go at it and they do. They lock up and trade holds. Balor with a quick roll up. Miz tries to run back in but they catch him. He backs off the apron. Balor and Rollins go at it again and trade holds.


Miz tries more cheap tricks but they catch him. Balor and Rollins leave the ring and surround Miz on the floor. He runs in the ring and back out. They chase him back in and surround him. He pleads before trying to team with Rollins to attack Balor. Miz extends his hand but Rollins won’t shake it. He tries the same with Balor. Miz just want to talk about everything. He tries for a sneak attack on Balor but gets caught. They double team him and send him to the floor. Rollins comes from behind on Balor for a 2 count. Miz gets knocked off the apron again. Back and forth between Balor and Rollins. Miz gets taken down again by Rollins. Balor and Rollins go at it again. Balor with an enziguri from the apron. Miz takes Balor down to the floor from the apron.


Rollins runs the ropes and dropkicks Miz from the apron, allowing him entry to the ring once again. Rollins runs the ropes for a dive but Miz puts Maryse in front of him and Rollins puts the brakes on. Balor takes Miz down any way. Maryse backs up the ramp as Balor and Rollins bring Miz back in. Balor gets sent to the floor. Rollins goes for Miz but Balor comes back in. Miz drops Balor with a kick to the face. Rollins with a backbreaker on Miz. Rollins goes to the top but Miz shoves him off. Rollins lands hard and hits the barrier. We go to commercial.


Back from the break and Rollins is down on the floor while Miz has Balor grounded in the middle of the ring. Balor fights up and out. Miz catches him with a knee to the gut. Miz poses as fans boo. Balor comes back and unloads on Miz. Rollins comes in out of nowhere with a crossbody and takes Balor out. Rollins also lands bad. Rollins misses in the corner as Miz moves. Miz with a 2 count. Miz takes out Rollins again. Miz with the corner dropkicks and more posing as fans boo. Miz with the corner clothesline now. Miz comes off the top with another shot to Rollins for a 2 count.


Miz ends up doing “yes!” kicks to both men while they’re on their knees at the same time. Miz misses the kick to Balor. Balor sends Miz into a Rollins DDT attempt. Balor dropkicks Rollins, causing the DDT to drop Miz. Balor continues with offense on both opponents. Balor kicks Miz out of the ring. Balor clotheslines Rollins out of the ring on the opposite side. Balor kicks Miz in the face from the apron. Balor runs around the ring and dropkicks Rollins into the barrier. Balor brings Rollins back into the ring and counters. Balor hits 1916 for a close 2 count as Miz breaks the pin.


Fans chant “this is awesome” as they struggle to get up. Balor and Miz trade holds. Balor tosses Miz back to the floor. Rollins nails Balor. Balor hits a Slingblade. Miz pulls Balor’s legs from behind and crotches him with the ring post. Miz comes in but Rollins blocks the Skull Crushing Finale and rolls him up for 2. Miz takes the knee out and hits a big DDT for a close 2 count. Miz goes back to work on Rollins’ knee as Maryse looks on. Miz goes for the Figure Four and locks it in. Balor runs in with a kick but it’s botched with Miz. Balor covers Miz for a 2 count. Another “this is awesome” chant now. Balor with forearms to Miz. Balor and Rollins kick Miz. Balor with a big kick to Rollins. Rollins superkicks Balor for a close 2 count. Rollins gets up first. Balor is up next. Rollins with a shot in the corner. Balor goes down. Miz charges in the corner but Rollins sends him into the middle turnbuckle.


Rollins goes to the second rope and nails a double Blockbuster to his opponents. Rollins nails a Frogsplash on Balor for another close 2 count. Miz goes to the top. Rollins shoves Balor to the floor. Rollins runs up and nails a superplex on Miz, then Falcon Arrow but Miz still manages to kick out at 2. Rollins runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive to Balor. Rollins goes back in and nails a suicide dive to Miz. Samoa Joe appears out of nowhere and nails the uranage on Rollins on the floor. Miz can’t believe it. Miz turns around in the ring to Balor nailing a Slingblade. Balor dropkicks Miz into the corner. Balor goes to the top but The Wyatt Family graphic flashes and the lights go out. They come back on and Bray Wyatt is on the apron. Wyatt shoves Balor to the mat. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail. The graphic flashes again and the lights go out. They come back on and Wyatt is gone. Miz crawls over and covers Balor for the win and the title shot.


Winner and New #1 Contender to WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose: The Miz

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