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  Monday Night RAW Results – May 22nd, 2017

Finn Balor makes his entrance and gets on the mic. He greets Grand Rapids and says Balor Club is in the building. They have their hands full, because at Extreme Rules, they have a fieful– whoops, fatal five-way match where the winner faces Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.
Tonight Karl Anderson stands in his path, but don’t worry, because he’s focused, he’s r–
Enter Paul Heyman. He does his usual intro schtick and says one could make the argument that he’s out here tonight to scout potential victims for his client. Surely you heard Bray Wyatt paint a portrait of a WWE Universe without a Beast, well, he hates to vandalize his masterpiece, but if Bray steps in the ring with his client, Lesnar will paint him as a victim.
Then there’s Seth freakin’ Rollins, he wants to compete in a fatal freakin’ five-way at Extreme freakin’ Rules, Brock freakin’ Lesnar will make him a freakin’ victim. Plus Rollins is the focus of Samoa Joe, hired mercenary, badass assassin, but against Brock Lesnar, he’s a victim too.
Then we have the one that laid the Deadman down, Roman Reigns. The odds-on favorite. If Roman wins the five-way and challenges Brock, he will no longer be the end-all, be-all in WWE, he’ll just be Brock Lesnar’s victim. Which leads Paul to Mr. Balor. He asks if he can get in the ring and Finn invites him.
Heyman reminds him he’s just an advocate and respectfully submits that Balor is nobody’s victim. He knows that the other contenders in the five-way have painted him as the underdog, but Finn is no underdog. They may not see him coming, but Paul E sees him coming, the Balor Club sees him coming. What was that prophecy he said? If you believe it you can achieve it?
Paul believes in his heart that Finn is the most talented in-ring performer in WWE today, and perhaps more importantly, he believes that Balor believes that he’s gonna take the other contenders to the extreme, and he knows a little something about the word extreme. And furthermore he believes that Finn believes that he doesn’t look at Brock like a mountain of a man with all these accomplishments, he believes that his client is the same as the other men in the five-way.
That if he steps into the ring with his client, he, just like the others, will be Finn Balor’s victim. So he’s most looking forward to the possibility of Balor/Lesnar for the Universal Championship. On behalf of his client, he wishes Finn luck and shakes his hand.
Finn says he’s glad Paul is here. He wishes Brock was, but he isn’t, surprise surprise. But hey, being Brock’s advocate, maybe he can pass a message, and tell him that at Extreme Rules, he will win the five-way and go on to face Brock Lesnar for the title that he never lost, and you tell him that Finn said Finn Balor will beat Brock Lesnar.

Enter Karl Anderson, flanked by Luke Gallows, the match is after the break.
Back from commercial and the match is in progress!
Finn Balor vs. Karl Anderson
Anderson is going after Balor’s arm, wrenching and kicking. Sunset flip, Finn with a dropkick and body blows, mat slam, slingshot stomps against the ropes and referee John Cone backs him off. Front chancery, Machine Gun backs him in the corner but Balor comes back with a strike rush. Gallows runs some interference and Karl bowls Finn over with an elbow and a lariat.
Raking his nose against the ropes, Luke gets a cheap shot in and Anderson rains mounted punches down into a cover. Reverse chinlock, Karl takes Balor to the mat but the former Universal Champion struggles to his feet and out with elbows, prompting a boot and a fresh application of the hold. Again Finn gets up and throws elbows, and this time Machine Gun hits a backbreaker for two and goes back to the hold.
Uppercut for Pele kick, both men out on the mat, back up and Anderson charges into a boot. Finn runs him over, dropkick, getting fired up, chop in the corner, whip across for another, whip reversed, up and over, boot to the face. Karl to the second, Balor knocks him down to the outside with an enzuigiri!
Baseball slide and an apron Penalty Kick for Big Hoot, an enzuigiri for Anderson on the charge, climbing, leaping over and he gets caught by the Anderson spinning spinebuster… not enough! Powerbomb clutch, Finn slips out, double stomp to the ribs! TOPE CON GIRO ON THE CLUB! Back in the ring, Sling Blade, shotgun dropkick…
Finn Balor wins by pinfall with Coup de Grace.

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