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  Monday Night RAW Results – May 9th 2022

Finn Bálor’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Bálor is dressed to compete. Bálor brawled with Damian Priest last night at WrestleMania Backlash. AJ Styles’ music hits, and he soon joins Bálor. Bálor will face Priest next.

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Damian Priest w/ The Judgment Day vs. Finn Bálor w/ AJ Styles
The bell rings, and Bálor quickly wrenches the arm. Priest fights out and takes Bálor down. Priest attacks him in the corner and charges, but Bálor kicks at the legs. Bálor twists the knee, but Priest gets out with an ear clap. Priest clotheslines him down and kicks away at him in the corner. Priest hits a Broken Arrow for a two-count. Priest applies an armbar, but Bálor gets out with a jawbreaker. Bálor boots him back, but Priest quickly plants him with a flapjack for a two-count. Priest applies a rear chin lock and throws him down for a two-count. Priest then applies a chin lock. Bálor fights up, but Priest knees him in the midsection. Priest sends him into the ropes for a slam, but Bálor twists into a side leg sweep. Bálor kicks Priest a few times. Priest reverses a whip, but Bálor takes him down with a dropkick to the knee. Bálor punches away at Priest and hits a double stomp to the midsection. Bálor chops the chest and shoulders him in the midsection. Priest goes for South of Heaven, but Bálor counters into a roll-up for a two-count. Bálor connects with a Sling Blade and clotheslines him out of the ring. Bálor goes for a plancha, but Ripley stands in his way.

A frustrated Edge gets in the ring and hits Bálor with a Spear. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Finn Bálor

AJ Styles takes Edge down and punches away at him. Priest pulls him off, so Styles punches him. Ripley spins Styles, and Styles stops himself from hitting her. Edge sends Styles into the turnbuckle hard. Edge and Priest hit a Spear/leg sweep combo. The Judgment Day stands tall.


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