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  Monday Night Raw Results – October 31, 2022

Damian Priest vs. Karl Anderson

Both Judgment Day and OC members are ringside. Anderson with an uppercut but Priest sends Anderson into the corner. Anderson with punches and Priest with a back elbow. Priest with a kick and Anderson clotheslines Priest over the top rope to the floor. Priest pulls Anderson to the floor and Anderson sends Priest into the ring post. Dominik gets up to Anderson and Anderson punches Dominik. Priest with a thrust kick to Anderson.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Priest with knees and he boxes the ears. Priest with a punch and an elbow into the corner. Priest with Broken Arrow for a near fall. Priest with a kick to the chest and Anderson with a jaw breaker. Priest runs into a boot and misses an elbow. Anderson with a jumping kick in the corner followed by chops and uppercuts. Anderson avoids a choke slam and Anderson with a kick. Anderson with a shoulder tackle and a back senton. Anderson with a spinebuster for a near fall. Anderson goes to the turnbuckles and Rhea gets on the apron. Anderson comes off the turnbuckles but Priest catches Anderson and hits a leaping flatliner. Priest signals for Reckoning but Anderson escapes and gets the three count with a back slide.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match, all six men battle and Gallows with an uppercut to Dom. Dom backs up and Rhea with a low blow to Luke’s gallows. Rhea tells AJ and Anderson to go after her and then Priest and Balor with take downs and punches. Priest with a Razor’s Edge to AJ. Balor with Coup de Grace to Anderson. Dominik goes up top and hits a frog splash, just like his ‘father’ Eddie would have.


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