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  NXT TakeOver: Dallas Results – April 1, 2016

NXT Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. Finn Bálor


We see Samoa Joe make his way out. NXT Champion Finn Balor is out next as The Demon and he has a chainsaw.


They meet in the middle of the ring for a pop. Hamilton does formal ring introductions and Joe gets mostly boos. Balor raises the title and gets a pop. They wait in the corners as the bell rings and fans do dueling chants. Joe attacks and they go at it. Joe tosses Balor to the floor but he comes right back in and unloads. Joe tosses Balor back to the floor. He comes right back in and they go at it. Joe is already bleeding from the face. Balor tosses Joe to the floor and dives out.


Joe tosses Balor over the barrier and takes out a member of security doing so. Joe has blood all over him. Balor takes a few minutes recovering comes right out of the crowd and takes Joe down. They bring it back in the ring. The referee tries to tend to Joe’s cut but fans boo. Balor ignores it and goes right to work. They keep fighting and brawling while Joe pours blood. Joe unloads and drops Balor with an enziguri on the apron. Balor nails a big dive to the floor and sends Balor into the barrier. Fans go wild and chant “holy s–t” as Balor has Joe’s blood on him. Fans boo as the referee checks on Balor. Trainers are out checking on Joe now. Fans chant “let them fight” and then “bulls–t” as Joe takes Balor. They keep trying to check on Joe but he won’t let them. Fans boo. More trainers are out and they finally clean him up. Balor waits in the ring and fans aren’t happy.


Joe comes back in and they go at it. Joe levels Balor and the “Joe’s gonna kill you” chants start back up. Joe puts a knee to the back and keeps Balor grounded now. Joe ends up hitting a big kick for a 2 count. The referee stops the match and a trainer comes in to work on Joe’s cut again. Fans boo and chant “bulls–t” again. They chant “f–k PG” now. They go at it again and Joe drops Balor with an elbow. Joe with boots to the face in the corner now. Joe with the running boot in the corner. Joe takes Balor up but Balor fights him. Balor comes off the top but gets caught in an atomic drop. Joe with a big boot and big kicks. Joe with a knee drop for a close 2 count.


Balor ends up nailing a dropkick and they both go down. The trainer takes the opportunity to work on Joe’s cut again. Balor with running forearms and Joe finally goes down. Balor with a big chop in the corner, and another. Balor runs to another corner for another chop. Joe blocks the next with a kick. Joe goes up but Balor chops him and knocks him down to the floor. Balor with a dropkick through the ropes. Balor with the huge running kick to the jaw from the apron. Balor brings it back in and charges for a Sling Blade. Joe counters and catches him in a slam for a 2 count. Joe beats Balor down in the corner now as fans do more dueling chants. Balor blocks a running boot but misses a dropkick. Joe with a senton for a close 2 count. Joe goes for a powerbomb and nails it. Balor kicks at 2. Joe turns it into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Joe turns it into a Crossface.


Balor breaks out and hits a double stomp. Balor with a Sling Blade and a dropkick into the corner. Joe goes down. Balor goes to the top but Joe nails him in the throat. Balor fights off a Musclebuster. Joe with an enziguri. Joe nails the Musclebuster but Balor kicks out just in time. Joe can’t believe it. Fans want one more. Joe runs into a forearm. Joe fights back with strikes. Balor fires back with some of his own. Joe with a big forearm. Balor with a pele kick and they’re both down again. Fans count along with the referee as they start to move. Balor gets up and yells. Balor with a Sling Blade and another dropkick into the corner. Balor goes up and nails the Coup de Grace. Balor goes for a Bloody Sunday but Joe applies the Coquina Clutch and tightens it. Balor counters and pushes himself out of the corner, dropping Joe and holding it for the pin.


Winner: Finn Bálor


After the bell, Joe sits up and can’t believe it. Joe gets to his feet as Balor is handed the title while he’s still down. Joe looks angry but leaves the ring without doing anything. Balor stands and has his hand raised by the referee as his music plays. We see the headbutt that cut Joe open in the first part of the match. Joe stops up the ramp and looks back at Balor. They stare each other down before Balor turns his attention back to the crowd and Joe makes his exit. “Takeover: Dallas” goes off the air with Balor holding the title high.

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