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  NXT TakeOver: London Results – December 16th

NXT Championship Match: Finn Bálor (c) vs Samoa Joe


Bálor comes out in a Jack the Ripper outfit. Joe and Bálor lock up and go through a long feeling out process, until Bálor kicks Joe in the face. Joe retreats to the outside. Bálor destroys Joe with a running penalty kick. Bálor sends Joe careening into the ring steeps after a running drop kick. Bálor misses the double foot stomp on the steel steps. Joe uranage suplexes Bálor onto the floor. Joe rolls Bálor back into the ring. Joe elbows Bálor in the head before driving Bálor into the corner. Joe hits a punch combo, but Bálor fight out with a few chops. Joe almost KO’s Bálor with a right hand. Joe crushes Bálor with his back elbow falling enzguri combo.


Bálor and Joe trade punches, but Joe nearly takes Bálor head off with a clothesline. Chop combo and jumping knee by Joe for a two count. Bálor gets face washed in the corner. Bálor eyes are glazed over. The referee asks Bálor if he can continue. Joe inverted atomic drops Bálor, then boots Bálor in the head. Joe misses a running senton. Bálor goes to the apron for and kicks Joe in the head. Bálor tries to spring board, but Joe chops him in the air. Joe hits the ropes and dives to the outside, obliterating Bálor in the process.


Joe powerbombs Bálor. Bálor kicks out and Joe transitions into a Boston crab. Joe then transitions into a crossface. Joe then turns that into a rings of Saturn. Joe attempts a short arm clothesline, but Bálor reverses it into a DDT. Bálor chops Joe into in the corner a few times. Joe dodges Bálor’s last attempt. Joe sits up on the top rope, but Bálor kicks him in the head. Joe falls to the outside. Bálor somersaults over the top into Joe. Back in the ring, Bálor hits a double foot stomp off the top to Joe’s back. Bálor almost hits the bloody Sunday, but Joe fights out. Bálor misses the running drop kick and Joe tries the muscle buster. Bálor reverses it into a pin but Joe kicks out.


Bálor Pele kicks Joe in the head. Both competitors struggle to their feet. They exchange punches and elbows. Bálor tries the Pele kick again, but Joe turns it into the coquina clutch. Bálor gets the ropes. Bálor goes out to the apron, but Joe grabs him in the clutch and pulls him back into the ring. Joe tries to sit down in the clutch, but Bálor rolls through and double stomps him. Bálor hits multiple running drop kicks. Bálor goes up for the muscle buster, but Bálor fights out of it. Joe tries to muscle buster Bálor off the top rope but Bálor pushes Joe off the top rope. Bálor hits the coup de grâce for the win!


Winner and STILL the NXT Champion, Finn Bálor!

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