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  SmackDown Live Results – April 16th, 2019

Suddenly, INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION FINN BALOR makes his way to the ring for his first ever match on his new Smackdown brand!
Ali v. Finn Balor, Intercontinental Champion
A few brief exchanges between the two involving rope-running and headlocks lead to Ali sending Balor to the outside with a huracanrana. A kick to Balor’s greets him as he tries to enter the ring through the bottom rope, followed by a suicide dive by Ali.
As we return, Balor has Ali in control sending him corner to corner with running chops. Until his third attempt, where Ali meets him with a kick from the apron and an X-Factor follow-up in the ring. After a failed pin, Balor counters his missed clothesline with a Final Cut. A Sling Blade by Balor is then swiftly met with Superkick by Ali. A count of two is heard, sending Finn to the top turnbuckle for safety. Ali meets him there with a massive Frankensteiner. A cover! Only gets a 2! Ali makes his way to the far-side turnbuckle, 450 incoming! Balor rolls away, Ali lands on his feet! Balor with a dropkick sending Ali to the opposite corner! Coup de Grace! 1… 2.. 3…
Winner: Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor.
With a show of respect, Balor helps Ali out of the corner, nodding in approval of his competition.

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