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  SmackDown Live Results – April 30th, 2019

Finn Balor and Ali vs. Randy Orton and Andrade with Zelina Vega
Zelina gets on the microphone and says here it is. The best part of your night. When you get confirmation that the ring is going to get graced with the presence of Andrade. He gets on the microphone and says he has no respect for Balor. Ali, he has no respect for him. And for Randy Orton, “12 times world champion. Amigo, anytime you want to learn something, tag me in and I will teach you to respect Andrade” as the bell rings.
Ali starts the match with Randy Orton as Orton pushes Ali into the corner. Ali with a right had and a side kick by Ali. He jumps off the top rope but Orton pushes him off to the outside.
Back from commercial, Orton is in the ring with Ali. Orton with a bodyslam. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. He sends Ali to the ropes but Ali with a drop kick. Orton tags Andrade in and Ali tags Balor into the match. Balor with a right hand followed by a drop kick. Balor knocks Orton off the ring apron. Balor with a chop to the chest of Andrade and Andrade falls to the outside. Balor flies over the top rope onto Andrade and Ali over the top rope onto Orton.
Balor sends Ali into the ring. Balor tries to climb the top rope but Vega distracts him. Andrade drops Balor onto the mat. The double knees to the face by Andrade. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out. Andrade goes for the Hammerlock DDT but Balor gets out of it and tags Ali in. Balor with the Slingblade and Ali with the 450 splash. Ali goes for the cover and gets the pin.
Winners: Finn Balor and Ali
Randy Orton with an RKO onto Balor after the match. Ali attacks Orton as Orton falls to the outside of the ring.

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