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  WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results

Edge vs. Finn Balor (I Quit Match)

Edge charges at Finn Balor immediately and starts attacking him before connecting with an elbow, and a swinging neck breaker to stay in control. The Judgment Day star responds with an attack of his own as he begins focusing on the knee of his opponent, yanking it across the second rope, and he then transitions into the Figure Four Leglock which they then go back and forth on. 

Balor then stomps away on Edge as he is trapped inside the ring apron, following it up with several kicks as he then slams Edge down onto the announce table repeatedly. The Hall Of Famer responds by throwing Balor into the ring post, but the momentum quickly changes with a Slingblade. However, Edge then steps up the brutality by simply driving Balor through the timekeeper’s barricade as they then begin brawling through the fans, as Edge then suplexes Balor onto the floor. 

Edge comes charging in with a hockey stick, attacking him with it, and he then locks in the Glasgow Grin on top of the kick-off show table, and they then brawl up the stairs as Balor then repeatedly launches Edge into a wall only for him to respond by sending Balor into the concrete overhang. The two then fight back down the stairs with Balor choking him on the handrail. 

The two then get back to the ring as Balor begins using a chair to dominate the situation, but Edge refuses to quit. Balor hits a side Russian leg sweep and locks in a stretch submission, which is then transitioned into a Crossface, but he still doesn’t quit. However, Balor then gets sent head-first into a chair that he propped between the two turnbuckles, and he follows up with the Edgeucator, but before he quits Damian Priest makes his way down. 

Edge fights him off, and he then Spears Balor through the ropes which wipes out Priest and Dominik Mysterio in the process. Back inside the ring Edge looks for a Spear but Rhea Ripley pops up and she handcuffs him to the top rope, allowing The Judgment Day to beat him down. Balor then brings out a kendo stick and starts attacking his back, yet Rey Mysterio then makes his way down, attacking Priest and Balor, but he then gets laid out by his own son. Meanwhile, back in the ring Balor is able to go back to dominating with the kendo stick, but Beth Phoenix then pops up, and she unloads on Balor with the weapon!

She takes out Priest as well while Dominik backs off, as she and Ripley then go back and forth brawling inside the ring as the Hall Of Famer Spears Ripley! She gets the key, and releases her husband, who immediately Spears Priest! Dominik then wants to shake his hand, but Edge hits a low blow just as Dom did to him in Cardiff, yet Balor attacks him from behind, only to then eat a Spear! He follows it up with another one, and Edge then connects with a third Spear!

Edge takes the bottom bar off a chair, but as looks to use it on Balor, Ripley knocks out Phoenix with brass knuckles. Edge tries to go to her aid but gets jumped by Priest, with Balor then hitting the Coupe De Grace, which he delivers three times in a row. Edge still refuses to quit, so Ripley goes to his wife who is completely knocked out, she sets up a chair under her head as Balor demands he says it, and before she delivers the blow, Edge utters the words. 

Winner: Finn Balor

Despite the fact Edge quit, Ripely delivers the conchairto Phoenix anyway as The Judgment Day then head out as medics and officials check on Phoenix.


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