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  WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – October 23rd, 2018

Team Pawz vs. B’n’B

Bayley didn’t get her own entrance, instead coming out to Balor’s music but with the Bayley buddies. They really do work as the happy tag team.

They were very complimentary before the match. Nattie complimented Bayley and Balor kindly suggested to Roode that they start the action off. Bobby agreed. They exchanged jackets, and Roode had a hell of a time getting into the black leather. He worked the gimmick, giving Finn a Too Sweet to the forehead. So Balor did the “GLORIOUS” bit and then attacked while Bobby was trying to get his jacket off.

Bobby never could get it off, so he tagged Nattie in to go work on that on the outside.

Bayley and Natalya wrestled, until it was time for Roode and Balor to get in and wrestle. They did the customary backstage shot of another team, this time Naomi and Jimmy Uso, who were bickering.

Back in the ring and Bayley celebrated taking Nattie out by running around and shouting. She was going to hug Finn but Natalya pulled her out of the ring and that set up a couple false finishes from a recovered Roode. Bobby’s “Glorious” stuff isn’t nearly as over as it once was.

Anyway, Roode went up top but it backfired and Balor ultimately hit Coup de Grace for the three count.

Team B’n’B def. Team Pawz

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