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  WWE NXT Results – February 3, 2021

In-Ring Segment
Dunne says he told Finn Bálor what he wanted and Bálor didn’t listen. Dunne is done waiting. So Dunne snapped Bálor’s fingers. Bálor walks to the ring and tells Dunne to stop hiding behind Lorcan and Burch. Dunne says he isn’t hiding. Burch and Lorcan leave the ring. Dunne tells Bálor to hold on to the title tight because the first chance he gets, he’s taking it. Bálor tells Dunne he’ll get his chance at TakeOver Vengence Day. Edge’s music hits. Edge walks to the ring. Edge says sometimes this company puts too much emphasis on the E, but in NXT they focus on the W. Edge says watching this show helped him find his passion. Edge puts over Bálor and Dunne. Edge says he will be watching their match at TakeOver Vengence Day. Edge has never held the NXT Championship and the title is VERY intriguing to him. If Edge hasn’t made his choice by TakeOver, their fight may cause him to make his choice.

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