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  WWE NXT Results – February 3

Backstage Finn Bálor says Crews will not have to wonder any longer. What would have happened when they first faced off will happen tonight.

Finn Bálor vs Apollo Crews
Bálor and Crews spends the first minute or so feeling each other out. Bálor ends up with a side headlock on Crews. Crews tries to get some separation by hitting the ropes, but Bálor holds on to the headlock. Crews stands up and almost suplexes Bálor, but Bálor rolls through and headlock takeovers (pun intended) Crews. Bálor has successfully grounded Crews to this point, which is an excellent strategy.

After a short break Bálor rolls through a Crews’ sunset flip attempt and drop kicks him right in the face. Bálor immediately slaps on an arm bar. Bálor seems to be targeting Crews’ head and shoulder area. Bálor penalty kicks Crews for another two count. That was a vicious strike. The match could have been over after a move like that on a lesser opponent.

Crews surprises Bálor with a clothesline out of the corner. Bálor tries to avoid the charging Crews by going to the outside. Crews moonsaults off the apron, but Bálor moves out of the way. Bálor dives over the top onto Crews. Crews gets back in the ring but Bálor goes up top and hits the diving double foot stomp to the back of Crews’ head. Crews somehow manages to kick out. Bálor charges Crews but runs right into a Samoan drop. Crews misses the high enzguri and Bálor sling blades him. Bálor eats a big boot by Crews. Crews gorilla press slams Bálor and the standing moonsault for a long two count.

Crews tries the tossing powerbomb, but Bálor flips out of it. Bálor sling blades Crews again, followed by the bullet drop kick into the corner. Bálor goes up top and destroys Crews with the Coup de gras. Crews is already stirring on the mat. Bálor picks up Crews and obliterates him with the bloody Sunday. That’s all she wrote.

Winner- Finn Bálor

After the match Bálor and Crews shake hands.

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