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  WWE NXT Results – November 4, 2015

Finn Bálor vs. Apollo Crews – NXT Championship
As soon as they lock up Crews rolls up Bálor for a two count. Crews is not wasting any time tonight. Crews puts Bálor in a side headlock. Bálor fights out and drives Crews into the ropes. Bálor whips Crews into the ropes, Crews goes to the mat, kips up, hops over Bálor then does a backflip before drop kicking Bálor. Not to be outdone, Bálor immediately drops kicks Crews. Crews picks up Bálor for a delayed vertical suplex for another two count.
Crews misses a jumping elbow drop. Bálor hits a penalty kick to a seated Crews for another near fall. Bálor locks in a cobra clutch, which Crews fights out of. Crews hits the ropes and Bálor sets up for a back body drop, but Crews reverse into a sunset flip. Bálor rolls out of the flip and dropkicks Crews in the face. Bálor puts on another clutch that Crews stands up in. Crews rolls through and kicks Bálor in the face. Crews sits on the top rope, but Bálor kicks him off the top with a enziguri. Bálor dives to the outside with a tope con hilo, which takes Crews off his feet.
After a short break Bálor is chopping Crews from corner to corner. Bálor almost hits the Bloody Sunday, but Crews reverse it into a tossing Samoan drop. Crews press slams Bálor, but Bálor slips out and hits the sling blade on Crews. Crews finally hit the gorilla press, but Bálor gets his knees up. Bálor hits the Bloody Sunday, but Crews kicks out. Bálor sends Crews flying across the ring after a running drop kick. Bálor ascends the top rope, but misses the Coup De Grâce. Crews hits an enziguri, but Bálor immediately hits a Pelé kick. As both superstars are on the mat, Baron Corbin hits the ring and destroys both Crews and Bálor, causing the match to be thrown out.
Winner- No contest
After the match Samoa Joe chases off Corbin. As Bálor gets to his feet Joe clotheslines him! Joe beats down Bálor before hitting the muscle buster to close the show.

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