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  Monday Night RAW Results – November 1st, 2021

Finn Balor vs. Chad Gable with Otis

The bell rings and we are under way. A snap mare by Finn as Gable reverses it into a leg take down. Balor reverses that. Gable gets out of it and slams Finn onto the mat. Gable to the ropes but a drop kick by Finn followed by an arm drag. Finn grabs Gable but Gable with a knee breaker.

Gable slams Finn’s leg as he twists his ankle. Gable gets Finn in the corner but Finn kicks him away. A double stomp by Finn. He goes for a drop kick but Gable moves out of the way. Gable goes for the cover but Finn kicks out. Gable with the ankle lock but Finn reverses it into an arm bar. Gable rolls out of it and gets the ankle lock but Finn rolls out of it and he hits Gable with the double stomp.

Both men slowly get up and Finn with a chop to the chest. Finn goes for a suplex but Gable reverses it into a German. He goes for the cover but Finn kicks out. Gable climbs the top rope, he goes for the moon sault but Finn gets his ankles up. Finn with a drop kick. Balor climbs the top rope. He goes for the Coup de Grace but Gable gets to the top rope and hits him with a superplex. Finn gets the cradle cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Finn Balor


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