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Finn recently spoke to Digital Sky about NXT’s growth, his debut and much more!

Finn Bálor has said that many NXT wrestlers already consider the brand to be part of the main WWE roster.

Bálor told Digital Spy ahead of WrestleMania 31 that he was in no hurry to move from Full Sail to Stanford.

“I really feel like as part of NXT we’re really on the cusp of something very special. There’s a feeling in the locker room that we’re really starting,” he said.

“There’s that history and that respect and that passion that we all have coming from the indies, willing to be the best – that drive.”

He continued: “It’s a very special time down there. They say, ‘When are you going to get the call-up to the main roster?’ and all that stuff, but for a lot of us at NXT, we do consider NXT now the main roster.”

“I’m glad to be a part of it and I’m not in any hurry to move anywhere. I want NXT to grow and I want to be one of the people that’s helping it grow.”

Of whether NXT was in competition with Monday Night Raw, Bálor said: “There’s definitely a certain amount of connection the fans feel with NXT, like it’s their brand.”

“We don’t consider ourselves competition – maybe we consider ourselves an alternative.”

“Maybe the beginning of NXT starting to tour, maybe in six months’ time we’ll be some competition for Monday night.”

Of whether he will be able to bring his own distinct style with him to the main roster, Bálor said: “I haven’t really thought that far ahead.”

“I’m worried about NXT and my position in NXT. Hopefully that can gather a bit of steam.”

“Maybe I’ll get another title shot against Kevin Owens and hopefully we can go from there.”

Of the impact Owens has made at NXT since his shocking debut, Bálor said: “He’s definitely arrived in NXT and in a short space of time has stomped his impression and his authority on NXT.”

“He’s done a job on Sami Zayn. He’s done a job on Adrian Neville, he’s done a job on me, but don’t worry, we’re all big boys and we’ll be back soon to face the mighty Kevin Owens.”

Of being at WrestleMania but missing out on a spot at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to Hideo Itami in an NXT Axxess tournament, Bálor said: “It’s bittersweet, obviously.”

“It would have been a great opportunity to make my debut at WrestleMania, but I lost to the better man on the day and one of my best friends… I’m really delighted for him.”

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