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  Monday Night Raw Results – October 10th, 2022

After Rey Mysterio defeated Chad Gable, Dominik gets in the ring and Rey starts to walk away but Rhea is on the apron. Dominik wants Rey to hit him and Dominik pushes his father. He asks what is he going to do about it. Rey puts his hands behind his back and Dominik slaps Rey. Rey with a forearm to Priest and a head scissors to Finn. Rey drop kicks Finn into the ropes. Rey goes for a 619 but Dominik with a clothesline.

Rey wants to know why while Dominik tells his father to hit him. Rey has rage in his eyes but it does not translate to his fists. Dominik hits Rey from behind and Rhea holds Rey in the ropes. Dominik with a 619 to Rey.

We go to commercial as fans chant “asshole”.

In the Arena:

The Judgment Day are still in the ring. Rhea says like she said every week since you can’t get it through your thick skulls… we run Raw. Priest says you hate to hear truth. Rhea spoke truth. Everyone who steps to us falls while THE Judgment Day rises. Priest says he wants to talk about how Finn handled business at Extreme Rules.

Finn says when you come at Finn, you best not miss. To all of the people cheering and partying and celebrating Edge’s miracle return, here is the cold hard truth. I ended the party. I stopped the celebration. I am the one who pissed on your parade. I made Edge say the words ‘I Quit’. Finn asks Dominik what did he make Edge say. He asks Priest what did he do. Finn says he don’t quit because he is too legit to quit.

Finn asks if we have seen it since Saturday night so we get to see highlights from the I Quit match.
Rhea says it brings a tear to her eye. Rhea calls Beth a joke. She says that what she did to Beth was a bit of what she could do.

Dominik says watching Rhea in action, smacking Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, with the conchairto, did it for him and he knows it did it for all of you as well. Dom says his favorite part other than 619ing his father was seeing the devastated look on his face on Saturday night. He deserves to feel as useless and helpless as he made me feel my entire life.

Finn says that brings it to Uncle Alan… AJ Styles. Finn says he hopes AJ reconsidered things because he has just about run out of mercy. He is offering AJ and ultimatum. AJ Styles’ music plays before Finn can officially call him out.

AJ asks if it has come down to an ultimatum. Finn says AJ made it harder than it had to be. AJ says he is not out here to argue. AJ says Finn is right. Everything that he ever needed was standing right in front of him. With his back against the wall, he has been alone too long. There is a time when you need friends. AJ says he needs family. He asks if he is not his brother’s keeper.

AJ gets down on his knees to be knighted. Finn shakes AJ’s hand and they hug. Finn says he is so proud of AJ and he knew he would come around. AJ says he is not talking about Finn.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come to the ring for their official WWE return.

Gallows, Anderson, and Styles work over Priest, Dominik, and Finn. Rhea kicks Anderson while Gallows punches Priest. Balor and AJ remain in the ring and Finn goes to the floor but AJ follows and he runs Finn over the announce table. Gallows hits Priest with a chair. Gallows punches Priest into the crowd. The rest of THE Judgment Day escape through the crowd, except for Balor, who is surrounded. Finn gets to the other side of the ring and goes to the back.


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