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  WWE NXT Results – December 9, 2015

Finn Bálor and Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin

Bálor tries to start the match with Joe, but Joe tags in Corbin. Bálor hits the ropes and drop kicks Corbin. Bálor tags in Crews, but Corbin tags in Joe. Crews almost decapitates Joe with a high angle drop kick. After a short break Joe and Corbin are working over Crews. Corbin ripcord suplexes Crews for a two count.

Crews tags in Bálor as Corbin tags in Joe. Bálor destroys Joe with a few clotheslines and a running punt kick to the head. Bálor goes for the 10 punches in the corner, but Joe almost reverses it into the muscle buster. Bálor wiggles out. Bálor hits the sling blade, followed by the running drop kick. Bálor goes up top, but Corbin pushes him off the top rope. Joe picks up Bálor and Death Valley drivers him. Joe locks in the coquina clutch and Bálor passes out.

Winners- Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin

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