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  Monday Night Raw Results – March 6th, 2023

Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano

They lock up and Finn sends Gargano to the mat. Finn with a side head lock and Finn with a shoulder tackle. Finn with a snap mare and cross face. Gargano with a hammer lock and Finn gets to the ropes. Finn with a back elbow. Gargano with arm drags and an arm bar. Finn with a forearm to the bacck and an arm bar. Balor with an arm wringer and kick but Balor with a running forearm. Finn sends Gargano into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder. Finn with another Irish whip but Gargano with a boot and head scissors followed by a drop kick that sends Balor to the floor. Balor gets distracted by Lumis and Gargano with a suicide dive.

Gargano with a chop against the ringside barrier. Gargano with a rollup and round kick for a near fall. Balor offers his hand and Gargano shakes it and kicks Balor. Gargano with a kick. Gargano with a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick because, just like Rey Mysterio, you don’t sunset flip Finn Balor. Balor backs Gargano into the corner and connects with a chop. Balor chokes Gargano in the ropes and when the referee is not looking, Rhea punches Gargano.

Finn with a reverse chin lock. Balor gets a near fall. Balor kicks Gargano a few times. Gargano kicks Balor and then Gargano with punches. Gargano with a flying forearm and clothesline. Balor with a chop and Gargano comes off the ropes with a discus clothesline. Gargano with an enzuigiri that sends Finn to the floor. Finn gets back in the ring and Gargano lands on the apron. Gargano with a slingshot spear for a near fall. Gargano with a running double knee strike in the corner but Balor with sling blade. Balor runs into a super kick and Gargano with another super kick for a near fall. Balor with an elevated elbow drop for a near fall. Balor punches Gargano. Balor gets a near fall. Gargano with a kick from the apron and Rhea gets on the apron. Gargano with a cannonball onto Dom. Gargano gets back in the ring and Balor with a double leg take down and double stomp. Balor sets for a running drop kick and hits it and sends Gargano into the turnbuckles. Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace but

Edge’s music plays and Priest goes to the aisle to wait for him along with Rhea. Edge pushes Balor off the turnbuckles and Gargano with a slingshot DDT for the three count.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the match, Lumis punches Priest on the floor and Edge spears Balor. Edge says this is not over.


Byron Saxton is waiting for Edge to come out of his locker room. Byron asks Edge and Edge says Finn cost him a match and tonight he cost Finn a match he should have won. Edge says he will be in the ring next week to see if Balor has the stones.


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